Our Profile & Strategy

Our Profile

Premier Veterinary Group plc’s services to third party veterinary practices, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Premier Vet Alliance Limited ("PVA"), include: 

  • the administration and support of a preventative healthcare programme for pets branded "Premier Pet Care Plan"; and
  • the operation of a buying group, branded "Premier Buying Group", in the UK and Ireland, which offers enhanced discounts to member practices on pharmaceutical and consumable spending

together the "PVA Business".

Our Strategy

The Company's strategy is as follows:

  • leverage the success of the PVA Business; and
  • develop other new opportunities for growth.

Leverage the Success of the PVA Business

PVA has been extremely successful since it was formed in 2010 and, as at 31 October 2016, had established over 1,076 commercial agreements with practices within the UK, Republic of Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark and the US in less than 6 years. PVA recognises the value in holding a large number of strong clinic relationships, and will seek to strengthen its relationships with those existing practices and to gain relationships with additional practices by enhancing and expanding the services that it currently offers.  PVA will also seek to continue to expand its provision of services outside of the UK. 

Develop Other New Opportunities for Growth

Notwithstanding the significant consolidation that has taken place, the market is still fragmented and the Directors believe that, by adopting an opportunistic and entrepreneurial approach, the Group will be in a position to identify and exploit new opportunities for growth.

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